1959 Magnatone Model 213 Troubadour Brown, Very Good, $1,199.00

Quantity In Stock — Quantity in Stock new listing categories: Please call us for the latest inventory, and we can often outsource these tubes for you. New Old Stock White Box. Great blackplate Sylvania and Westinghouse GTB tubes screened for demanding use in electronic organs. All have passed the Baldwin factory test for audio use! This is the famous black plate s s version 6SN7 and is in great demand today. Medium glass envelope, marked with the Sylvania green label, the Baldwin label, or the Westinghouse label, but all came from Baldwin. Organ tubes are especially fine sounding in audio equipment, and we have carefully matched these into pairs and also have singles available.

6DJ8 / ECC88 / 6922 / 6N1P tubes

Descriptions are written above the corresponding picture. The white block is used to keep the tube from rolling while taking a picture. BugleBoy – 4 seams on top – note the 50s logo on the box.

Any tubes that were designated for the military, by law, could not have the factory logo on them. Often, CV tubes would be re-labeled after decommissioning so it is possible to see a factory logo on a CV tube.

This is on my bed-room, where I used to listen to music. So I’m trying to find a preamp I can see many many solid state preamp, but I’d like to change my style in listening I’d love slow, soft music. That is the reason I want to try a tube preamp. In my country Vietnam , there are some workshops where they produce preamp with this shematic. I know the original AudioNote M2 is very very expensive and had a lot of good reviews also. So, please tell me what the difference between 6SN7 and is!!!

Thank you so much! My English audio words is very bad! Tungh, don’t worry, your English is good enough. Here is a reference that offers descriptions of various types of tubes including the 6SN7 and the ; check the ‘Preamp’ drop-down I can’t tell you which is better:

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Hi Ronald uTracer works well!! I use it mainly to pairing tubes Hello Ronald, I finally completed the unit. The top has the switches, banana test points, tube sockets, and fan. All of the connections between the top and bottom are plugs so the top can be totally removed from the bottom for constructions and maintenance if needed.

I tried to keep all the wiring, switch plates, banana plugs colour coded to help with the construction.

In addition to the data I have scanned and posted, if you’re looking for data on a particular tube you should visit TSDL on Duncanamps website, or Frank’s tube r spot to look, which is especially useful if you’re looking for replacement types and tubes with similar bases or characteristics, is the NJ7P tube database. I am working on posting the RCA HB-3 Tube Handbook on line on this.

They also ended up being produced in Canada, as well, but unfortunately the production of these tubes stopped in the mid ‘s. PhilipsECG was apparently the holding company for Sylvania at the time production was ceased. Sylvania purchased companies such as GTE in the 70’s that allowed them to stay financially strong. On the right, you can see the different labeling that occured on the Sylvania labeled 6CA7’s. Some labeling was done on the base of the tube, and some on the glass.

The colors varied between green and yellow, and looking at the last three tubes, the font size and style is actually different on all three. There is also a less common white labeled version, but I don’t have any at this time to show. Same exact tube, but with a different label.

Dating an (old?) Phillips tube (ECC83 / 12AX7)

Cherry Hill, NJ It is cocknbull. Maybe a modern amp designer tweaks a bit to get as good a tone as possible with current tubes. Providing you choose the right NOS and it is strong. Even when subbing in one of those “optimized” amps.

Vacuum Pair Tubes Amperex Ech81 6aj8 Matched Phillips Italy Nos Nib (% similar) We are always buying tubes large or small lots we can accept shipments or make an appointment to view locally please contact us for our buy list check out some of our other listings. Located in the cabotville industrial park of chicopee, ma.

They were on my initial list mostly because of Stone. However the consensus from my earlier research indicated that anything from Amperex would better them. But your comments made me look again and I did find one interesting comparison from AudioKarma. Please keep me posted if you do further comparisons. I am Looking for a bit of lush, sweet, holographic midrange.

Here is the comment from Mike on AudioKarma: Edison in the USA and Mr. Swan in the UK were two guys who both claimed primacy on the invention of the incandescent light bulb. Edison discovered the “Edison effect”, but not the electronic tube itself, Fleming discovered the diode, deForest bless his heart the triode. Lovely, full, detailed, not harsh at the top, but make sure you get the real thing. Siemens 6DJ8 D-frame getter: Even nicer that the A-frame, a bit more lush and euphonic. Again, make sure you get the real thing – the 60’s and earlier Siemens are incredibly hard to find, most dealers are selling the 70’s and 80’s stuff, often east German sourced.

Tubes Asylum

Fri, Dec 30, Mon, Jul 06, Good tubes but not as valuable as the Brown base.

Philips / Amperex / Mullard / Valvo two digit codes Code Type Comment Code Type Comment Code Type Comment AC AW BX XL36 C5 ECC AD EC88 BY MX

ECC88 is the European designation for this tube. Displaying products 1 – 27 of 27 results Show: Tube tests as new with balanced sections and phono grade noise levels. Both tubes test as new with phono grade sound quality. It has gray risers and a halo getter with wide support post. Tube tests as new with phono grade noise levels. The orange print has the Amperex globe label missing.

Both tubes test as new and are precisely matched. The white print has the HP logo and the Heerlen, Holland factory code is etched in the glass. Both tubes test as new with phono grade noise levels. They have halo getters and silver risers. Both tubes test as new with phono grade noise quality. Click “more info” for details.

Nick Dorazio . Speaker Repair

This list is circa , and some codes have been reassigned or added since that time. Code formats were not completely standardized, but a little deciphering will generally yield the info of interest. Note that many makers also stamped OEM Original Eqipment Manufacturer part numbers above or below the EIA code, in some cases parts makers or the customer elected not to include the EIA codes, so not all parts have them.

They generally follow the following format:

Radar has as rich a history as any application area in this industry, dating to the early days of the last century. As with many early electronic systems, it was exclusively based on vacuum tubes in its early days, eventually making use of solid-state amplification as transistors developed as a viable alternative.

If you are fortunate enough to have some Telefunken tubes with labels that are intact, here is an explanation of how to determine when they were made. Three letter, two digit date codes From to , Telefunken used a 2-letter code to identify the date of production. Scroll down to see the chart of two letter date codes. Two digit date codes Tubes that Telefunken manufactured for export have only the two-letter date code without the factory and internal codes.

The letter code can appear in either upper or lower case. Scroll down to see the chart of each two letter date codes. Two letter, seven digit date codes, — In , Telefunken began to use a new, more complex code format composed of two letters and seven digits. The letter formats were also used until , so you may see both. Please note that this chart differs from the Eric Barbour version because it includes corrections to duplicates and missing codes. These corrections are based on the logic of the two letter sequence whenever possible the sequence was random in —43 and interrupted in — With the exceptions of some apparent confusion between and date codes, the corrected dates generally remain within the same year.

Please contact me if you have any questions or further information about Telefunken date codes.

Sylvania 12AT7 tube test with Bugera V-5

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