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Pin2 Purchasing a trolling motor for a pontoon boat can make a tremendous difference in your ability to get on fish and stay on them. Select a Brand Before you jump into a brand decision, step back and think critically for a moment. One factor that could make the brand decision for you is if you already have a fish finder. When one brand comes out with something new, the other is sure to follow and improve. Many fishermen use trolling motors for fishing but never actually troll drag baits around the lake. If you fish for bass, for example, you will probably never troll but want a trolling motor for fine adjustments to the boat without the noise of the engine that spooks away fish.

Question about wiring trolling motor

For your foot-pedal to respond to your commands only and not those of other boaters, you must activate the electronic ID number into your receiver. Slide the depth collar up or down the shaft to a position that will allow the lower unit to be submerged at least 12 inches 30cm below the water surface when the motor is fully deployed.

Release Handle While lifting the motor out of the water, rotate the shaft until the lower unit is aligned with the locking cradle. These batteries are not rechargeable.

You will only be able to connect the switch to your starting battery and one of your trolling motor batteries. If you goal is to try to charge the trolling motor batteries while underway, I would consider buying one of the Charge Pro Plus marine battery chargers from Guest.

You only really need to select a 24 volt option if the motor is a long way from the batteries. Where the voltage drop in the wires can leave the motor demanding more power than the 12 volts can supply, and overloading the circuit. In which event the leads would become dangerously hot. Or if a large amount of continuous power is required. For the 12v setup, the engine will almost certainly be equipped to supply a charge already, via its alternator – I’ve indicated the wiring for this on the 12v diagram – without you making any changes or moving the batteries around at regular intervals.

The starter battery for the engine can be wired in additional to the two in the above 12v diagram, but it is quite important to ensure it supplies only the engine’s starter, not the trolling motor when that is running. Do this by fitting a blocking diode to it which will allow it to charge alongside the other two whenever the alternator – or other supply -is charging, but will prevent it from loosing any of its charge to the other two – or motor etc.

Either way, you should always have an isolator switch on the batteries – fit this on the positive terminal.

Wiring a trolling motor, 10 gauge?

May 7, edited After seeing a few guys out on the lake last year with trolling motors that kept them within 5 feet of a spot on the lake auto-magically, I am considering taking the plunge as a spring upgrade to my boat. I have a hummingbird CI Fishfinder I picked up after getting some very great advice from guys on here regarding what FF works well for Jigging. I am very happy with the FF for the record and it is amazing for jigging compared to any I have had previously.

The current trolling motor I have is only 28LB thrust and I’m looking for an upgrade to this as well, staying in the same spot in moderate wind is not always an option with the level of thrust output I have currently.

This model is a volt trolling motor battery with a 35 Amp hour. Its dimensions are ” x 6. 14” x ” and it weighs roughly lbs. The compact nature of the DCM makes it an ideal choice for smaller vessels in need of consistent and reliable power.

Altering boat wiring should be completed by a qualified marine technician. The following specifications are for general guidelines only: These guidelines apply to general rigging to support your Minn Kota Motor. Powering multiple motors or additional electrical devices from the same power circuit may impact the recommended conductor gauge and circuit breaker size. If you are using wire longer than that provided with your unit, follow the conductor gauge and circuit breaker sizing table below.

If your total conductor length is more than 50 feet we recommend that you contact a qualified marine technician. An over-current protection device circuit breaker or fuse must be used. Coast Guard requirements dictate that each ungrounded current-carrying conductor must be protected by a manually reset, trip-free circuit breaker or fuse. The type voltage and current rating of the fuse or circuit breaker must be sized accordingly to the trolling motor used.

The table below gives recommended guidelines for circuit breaker sizing. No more than 3 conductors are bundled together inside of a sheath or conduit outside of engine spaces. Each conductor has oC temp rated insulation. United States Code of Federal Regulations:

How to Hook Up a Motorguide Trolling Motor 12/24 Volt System?

From the most favored battery manufacturing company in the US, Interstate, one can expect the best performance. This model is a volt trolling motor battery with a 35 Amp hour. Its dimensions are 7. The compact nature of the DCM makes it an ideal choice for smaller vessels in need of consistent and reliable power. It has robust plates that add to an extended life.

Enjoy endless hours of fun on the lake with the Intex Trolling Motor and explore those legendary fishing spots hiding in the shoreline. With 40 pounds of thrust, 5 forward speeds, and 3 reverse speeds there will be no part of the lake you can’t reach.

Rolls batteries www. It’s not good for them to sit discharged. Proper care will significantly improve the battery life. Failure to recharge lead-acid batteries within hours is the leading cause of premature battery failure. A battery selector switch as applied in a bay or flats boat is a VERY useful tool that assures redundancy as well as “peace of mind” for the vessel’s owner. A high quality battery selector switch should have a sufficient capacity power rating to safely handle the 12vdc electrical power required.

Buyer’s Guide to Trolling Motors for Pontoon Boats

It is considered as an ideal battery for boats with trolling motors like Sevylor, Minn Kota, Cobra etc. Its physical features and functions are given below in points: It can also be accessorized in a way, to make one of the good trolling motor battery kits.

The motor was designed for 12 volts and was designed to dissipate the heat from 12 volt power. When run at 24 volts the coils will heat up much faster than at 12 volts, and the motor will not be able to release the heat quickly enough.

Posted on January 2, by admin Trolling motors batteries Electric trolling motors run on 12 volt marine batteries. Depending on the model of trolling motor and how powerful it is, a series of batteries can be linked together to provide additional power to the trolling motor. Two 12 volt marine batteries linked together offer 24 volts to the trolling motor and three batteries in a series provide 36 volts to the electric motor.

How many batteries will you need? Large motors with more thrust will require two or three batteries to meet the 24 or 36 volt demand from the motor. Car batteries should not be used for a trolling motor. A marine battery is different than a car battery in several ways. First, a marine battery is designed for steady amount of current over a long period of time and a car battery is designed for short bursts of power. Secondly, a deep cycle marine battery is designed to be fully discharged and fully recharged multiple times.

Whereas a car battery should never be fully discharged and will quickly ruin the battery if it is. It also has its own breaker and battery meter. There are several ways to keep your trolling motor batteries charged and ready for the water.

How to Hook Up a Three-Pin Plug to a Trolling Motor 12/24 Volt System

MO Well, not sure I can explain the wiring like I thought. If you get nothing when you switch to the 24 volt setting on your footswitch, then it certainly could be wiring internal to the footswitch. Get the schematic for your motor as well as a typical wiring diagram and you should be able to trace it all out, provided you know at least a little about electrical stuff and can use a multimeter. If you aren’t sure, find a friend who knows about electrical wiring and get him to help.

The Set-Up Fighting a tarpon solo with the trolling motor on “Spot Lock.” Key West mechanic Tim Donald and I thought through just about every aspect of trolling with the two larger batteries hooked up in series to create a volt system. (See the video below for a good introduction to hooking up batteries in series and in parallel.

Mannier, The way that you hooked it up is an excellent way to do it. Basically you have a 24 volt battery consisting of battery 1 – which is a 12 volt battery and battery 2 – which is a 12 volt battery. You will have 24 volts at the ends of the red wire pair, and the black wire pair. Then, you should be bolting the two red wires to the load side of the circuit breaker. By adding the circuit breaker at the battery, you are protecting all of the wires from damage in case of a pinch, or short somewhere between the battery and the motor.

I assume that you have at least two battery banks to charge the two batteries used in your trolling motor battery setup. If I understand your statement correctly, you have two battery bank wires coming from the charger. Then, each of those two wires each have two wires in them? If that is the case, i. Then, take the other wire from the charger, with its pair of wires and connect that wire to the terminals of battery 2.

Batteries and Trolling Motors

Batteries achieve the desired operating voltage by connecting several cells in series; each cell adds its voltage potential to derive at the total terminal voltage. Parallel connection attains higher capacity by adding up the total ampere-hour Ah. Some packs may consist of a combination of series and parallel connections.

Laptop batteries commonly have four 3. Such a configuration is called 4s2p, meaning four cells in series and two in parallel.

Jul 02,  · Re: wiring diagram for 12/24 system «Reply #13 on: March 14, , PM» Basically for the 24/36V setup, you would just wire it the same way as shown in the above picture, but just adding one more battery on the 24V side that is only connected to the middle battery.

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Installing 24V and 36V battery system for trolling motor

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